Direct Action Sniper - Level 1 - Outline and Requirements

Direct Action Sniper - Level 1

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Working in conjunction with Ridgeline, the Direct Action Sniper Course, is designed for the Law Enforcement Officer who has been designated or chosen by their Agency to be responsible for the application of precision fires or tactical reconnaissance during critical incidents.

Our Three-day 40 hour course develops the fundamentals of the multi-mission skill set required for todays Law Enforcement Marksman.

Required equipment:

  • Precision Scoped Rifle Capable of 1MOA or Better (min Cal .223/)
  • Rifle Scope with External Elevation/Windage Adjustments (mil-based reticle preferred)
  • BipodĀ (available)
  • Rear bag/Sand Sock (available)
  • 600 Rounds Match Grade Rifle Ammunition (Same Lot Number/Available)
  • Rifle Cleaning Gear
  • Binoculars
  • Note Book
  • Spotting Scope*
  • Rangefinder*
  • Kestrel/Ballistic Solver*
  • Pack
* Not Required