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  • Performance Gun Fighting - Mod 2
  • Concealed Carry Deployment
    In this remarkable story of survival, Detective
    Jared Reston of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department
    describes how a foot pursuit turned into a life
    or death struggle when in a sudden turn of events
    the shoplifting suspect he was chasing pulled
    a .45-caliber Glock semiautomatic handgun.

Our Mission at Reston Group

Bring working Armed Professionals a set of proven "best practices" that will provide them with the tools necessary to prevail in increasingly violent critical incidents.

Better Training Better Results

The instructors at Reston Group are all professional Police Officers dedicated to providing practical, proven training to resolve the most serious Critical Incidents.

We have been fortunate to interact with agencies around the country and have found that not all Officers/Agencies are being given the tools to best solve critical incidents. Jared Reston founded Reston Group to give you these tools. The instructors at Reston Group have decades of tactical training and experience. We have sought the best training around the country to improve our own skills. We are all active SWAT team members and trainers and we have successfully resolved hundreds of critical incidents. We have a proven methodology, tailored to the law enforcement mission.